Today Qimo told me a story. This is the story.

One day, Shark met Monster.

“Hi, how are you.” Shark said.

“How are you.” Monster said,“ So nice to meet you.”

Then Monster asked, “where are you living.”

Shark siad: “in a big black shark house.”

“Oh, where is it.” Monster said.

“On a big red hill, how about you?”

Monster said,“I am living in a tiny blue house.”

Where is it ,Shark asked.

“under the sea!” Monster said.

Then they said goodbye to each other.

few minutes later, Monster got a phone call from Shark.

“Hey,Monster, i can’t find my house. Could you help me?”

Monster said:“Sure!" 

"What dose your house look like?” Monster asked when he met Shark.

“It’s a big black house, on the top of a hill.”

“ Let’s find it…..find ….find…..find….find…….oh,i see a hill ,very high. and, on the top of it ,there is a house, black big house”

“thank you! I find my house! ”


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